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Chef Rae-Chef/Owner


Raenel, known by CHEF Rae is a talented, creative chef who puts the freshest ingredients together in an unbelievable way, always keeping in mind from scratch cooking. She attended culinary school at the Art Institute of Tennessee, and has been cooking since she was 3 years old. She learned how to cook from her great grandmother who fostered an environment of freedom and learning to try anything.


Originally from California, has lived in Arizona as well as Tennessee, Chef Rae has international taste buds and cooks foods from all different cultures, with a background deeply rooted in the South, a love for Italian, Asian, and Mexican food, and  strong Creole roots, there is nothing that Chef Rae can't make. She is an educator, food sport competitor, commUnity philanthropist, caterer, and a high class private chef. A lover of spices and for refined food she is going to take you on a road “less traveled”.